Certainty by Construction Progress Report 8

The following is a progress report for Certainty by Construction, a new book I’m writing on learning and effectively wielding Agda. Writing a book is a tedious and demoralizing process, so if this is the sort of thing you’re excited about, please do let me know!

Eight days away from my deadline. How’s it going? Hectic.

I’ve been in a flurry of editing for the last two weeks. As of right now, I’m currently editing page 138/252. At this rate, it’s not looking promising, but I did just buy a flat of Red Bull, so you never know.

Besides editing, what’s new? Lots of minor typesetting stuff, like which paragraphs should be indented. I also did a pass through all the Agda modules with their new, final names, in easy searchable format. Along with that, the end of each chapter now has an explicit export list, which subsequent chapters import (rather than getting it from the stdlib.) This means you can see at a glance whether a chapter has prerequisites you need to read first! Minor stuff, but Nintendo polish nevertheless.

I had to rewrite a good chunk of chapter 2, and a lot of the prose in chapter 3 is from a very early edition of the book, and doesn’t have the shine as the rest of it. So that’s getting reworked too. My hope is that the later chapters were written more recently, and therefore will require less elbow grease. It’s plausible, and would be greatly appreciated. But I fear that the setoids chapter needs a lot of work, and I’m just trying my best to ignore it. For now.

In other news, I’m now uploading nightly builds to Leanpub in order to keep myself honest. There’s no indication of which half of the book has been edited and which hasn’t, but that seems like a good idea I should adopt for the next build. That way particularly dedicated readers could follow along and see just how quickly I can get material cleaned up. And it will prevent me from accidentally forgetting where I was and re-editing it all again. Which has happened several times, somehow.

Okay that’s enough of an update. Back to the grind. Love y’all.