Certainty by Construction: Done!

Happy days and happy news: it’s done.

Certainty by Construction

After a year of work, I’m thrilled to announce the completion my new book, Certainty by Construction.

Certainty by Construction is a book on doing mathematics and software design in the proof assistant Agda, which is the language Haskell wants to be when it grows up. The book is part Agda primer, introduction to abstract algebra, and algorithm design manual, with a healthy dose of philosophy mixed in to help build intuition.

If you’re the sort of person who would like to learn more math (including all the proof burden), and see how to apply it to writing real software, I think you’d groove on this book. If it sounds up your alley, I’d highly encourage you to give it a read.

I’m not much on social media these days, but if you are, I’d really appreciate a signal boost on this announcement! Thanks to everyone for their support and understanding over the last year. I love you all!

Go cop Certainty by Construction!